Collect hearts and win


Collect hearts & win holidays!

Take part now and win a voucher for a holiday in Styria (Austria) every month.


See Soletti's origins for yourself and come and visit!

Just buy Soletti "Salzstangerl", collect 5 Styrian hearts, send them in and with a little luck, you could win a voucher for a 3-day family holiday incl. half board for 4 people (2 adults & 2 children) in Styria – Austria in our monthly prize draw.


How can I participate in the competition?

You can find the green Styrian heart on the top right-hand side of the front of our Soletti Salzstangerl 250g packaging.

  1. 1. Buy Soletti Salzstangerl packs with Styrian heart 
  2. 2. Cut out the Styrian heart and collect 5 of them
  3. 3. Print out the  collector's pass and stick on hearts 
  4. 4. Send in your collector's pass or upload your collector's pass here 
  5. 5. With a little bit of luck, you can win a holiday voucher in the monthly prize draw. The first prize draw takes place on the 31st of March 2021.



Where can I find the collector's pass?

Simply print it out here and upload at the link below or send it to: Kelly Ges.m.b.H. Betreff: Soletti Gewinnspiel, Hermann-Gebauer-Straße 1, A-1220 Wien

Upload collector's pass here

Keep in mind! There is a new collector's pass every month. The collector's pass is only valid in the month shown on the pass and the following month (this means, for example, that the collector's pass for March is valid for participation in March and April 2021).

Soletti fans from Switzerland or Liechtenstein can send the collector´s pass to: Intersnack Schweiz AG, Route du Mont Carmel 2,CH-1762 Givisiez.

What can I win?

We are giving away a voucher every month for a 3-day family holiday incl. half board in Styria for 4 people (2 adults & 2 children). You can find the accommodation and the region for the latest prize draw on our website. The accommodation and region changes with each prize draw.

With Soletti this month you can win a voucher for a holiday at the Ballonhotel. More information about the accommodation here.        


How often can I enter the competition?

Once you have collected 5 Styrian hearts, you can stick them onto your current collector's pass, send it in or upload it and enter the competition. You can only participate in the competition once a month. If you have collected more than 5 hearts in a month, then you can send in the remaining hearts the following month with the new collector's pass.   

Feel free to contact us by email if you have any questions about the competition.

Further details can be found in the participation conditions.


Have fun collecting and lots of luck with the competition!