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Soletti BrezelChips TV-Spot Herbert Prohaska in the museum 2017

A miracle! That's simply a miracle! Soletti BrezelCHIPS, 21st Century - Austria! Tasting like pretzel, crispy like chips - a real miracle!


Soletti TV-Spot Herbert Prohaska SuperSize Kiss-Promotion for Valentinesday 2016

I'll say it like this: give your sweetheart a smack and win great prizes!


Kelly's Soletti Presenter TV Spots Herbert Prohaska Soccer Game 2014

See what Herbert Prohaska is doing behind the scenes during the moderation of a football match! Fun guaranteed!


Soletti TV-Spot Herbert Prohaska Soletti SuperSize 2013

How Herbert Prohaska likes to enjoy an extension? I'll say it this way: with Soletti SuperSize!


Archiv: Soletti TV-Spot Rastaman 2002

What can you always show during ticket inspection? Soletti!

Archiv: Soletti TV-Spot Psycho 2002

Soletti is also in any scary situation always with you ... EVERYWHERE YOU GO!

Archiv: Soletti TV-Spot Happy Mix Infidelity 2002

What does the modern woman always have in her wardrobe? Soletti Happy Mix

Archiv: Soletti TV-Spot Exhibitionist 2002

 Was überrascht sogar einen Exhibitionisten? Soletti!


Archiv: Soletti TV-Spot Happy Mix JOE Soletti 1998

Wake up - now comes the Soletti Happy Mix! The new Soletti Happy Mix ... EVERYWHERE YOU GO!


Archiv: Soletti TV-Spot The Solettis 1995

Family Soletti knows how to enjoy!


Archiv: Soletti TV-Spot …EVERYWHERE YOU GO! 1988

Soletti's blue nibble world! Soletti ... EVERYWHERE YOU GO!

Archiv: Soletti TV-Spot …EVERYWHERE YOU GO! 1988

Always fun, Soletti fun! Soletti ... EVERYWHERE YOU GO!


Archiv: Soletti TV-Spot Loving pair 1987

Young love must be beautiful, even if the Soletti kiss leads to stumbling!


Archiv: Soletti TV-Spot Loving people 1986

Ever seduced a lady with a Soletti kiss?


Archiv: Soletti TV-Spot Grandparents 1985

Soletti ... EVERYWHERE YOU GO! With wine, with friends, Soletti is on everyone's lips. Always crispy, always fresh!


Archiv: Soletti TV-Spot Nibbling 1980

Soletti ...EVERYWHERE YOU GO! Every man and woman loves to nibble Soletti Salzstangen.

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