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50 million salty sticks pass through the baking line every day! Every year, 480 trucks bring around 12,000 tons of Austrian wheat flour to Feldbach for the production of our popular Soletti products. All our raw materials, such as flour and salt, are sourced from Austria.

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We’ve been producing cult products for decades! With our brand portfolio in Austria, we are the market leader and part of Intersnack Group’s successful European snack network.
With its Soletti brand, Kelly offers baked products you need for your party or evening of TV - whether salty sticks, pretzels, pretzel chips or crackers, with Soletti you’ll find lots of products!

The Soletti brand was created in 1949 at Zach Bakery in the Styrian town of Feldbach. Since 1985 Soletti has been a major component of Kelly GmbH. Originally, they sold pretzels formed from thin dough noodles. Since forming the pretzels by hand required a considerable amount of time, they pondered how to produce the pretzels in a more time-saving and simple way. That gave rise to the idea of simply baking these “noodles” in a straight form – and salty sticks were born!

To enable fast and efficient production of the required quantities, a rotary cutter was developed in cooperation with Krobath, a local machine factory. That machine could cut strips of dough exactly 11 cm long, which is why the salty sticks are still 11 cm long to this day, and SuperSize is twice as long, that is to say 22 cm!

Then all that was needed was a catchy name for the new product! The Zach family was looking for a word that expressed a verbal diminutive with a southern ring because they themselves loved spending time in Italy. Because of the grains of salt sprinkled on them, the decision was made to use “Saletti”, but Mrs. Zach preferred “Soletti” because it reminded her of the sun in Italy – and the name of the product was born! Originally, it was only those thin salty sticks that had the name. Later, pretzels and other lye pastries were also sold under this name.

The Soletti factory currently provides a secure workplace for 135 people, making it an important and stable employer in the region for decades. In a three-shift operation, 11,000 tons of salty sticks, crackers and mixes are produced annually. The average length of stay of Feldbach employees is 17 years. This continuity, know-how and employee competency has also been rewarded: The Feldbach location was chosen by Intersnack Group to be its Research&Development center for baked snacks for the whole of Europe. Baked products for the entire Intersnack Group are developed and produced here. Today the Soletti brand is one of the best and most well-known brands in Austria.